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Early Puppy Education

What is puppy school?

Puppy school is a time and place where puppies and pet parents are educated. The aim is to help create a well-adjusted, socially acceptable adult companion animal. All exercises are taught as fun games and learning methods are reward-based, using the concept of positive reinforcement!

The principles of positive reinforcement learning.

Natural bite inhibition.

Leash skills – how to get your pup to walk on a loose leash.

Confidence-building exercises to produce a well-adjusted pup.

Development of sensory and tactile skills.

Inter-canine social skills.

Teaching your pup to reliably “come” when she is called.

Handling and examination skills.

Basic canine communication and behaviour.

Teaching your pup to concentrate.

Teaching the pup not to run away with your valuable possessions.

Basic puppy behaviour problem-solving.

Basic puppy and dog care.

An informative CD with relevant notes is provided for all new students.

What we cover in class:

Classes are held each Saturday morning at 8:30 am. Pet parents are expected to be prompt and to be at the grounds 10 minutes before class.

Pet parents are also expected to clean up after their pups, i.e. to
“scoop the poop”.

What to bring to class:

(Please wear old clothes!)

A hungry pup restrained on a light, flat collar (or harness) and soft leash.

Soft yummy dog treats.

Dog brush and vitamin tablets – for teaching your pup to take a tablet & grooming practice.

Toys for playtime.

A large sense of humor, and a willingness to learn new things.

Puppy training classes Benoni
Puppy training classes Benoni
Puppy training classes Benoni
Puppy training classes Benoni
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