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Behaviour Consultations

Booking is Essential.

On the day of the appointment, the pet & family members will be seen at the consulting facility, or occasionally, under special circumstances, the pet will be seen in the owner’s home, or for owners in outlying areas via telephone or e-mail, consultations may be arranged.

When seen at the Paws Abilities consulting rooms, on consultation, the pet will be placed in a secure area. Observations will be made while a full background and history is taken, and all problems being experienced are thoroughly discussed.

After taking a detailed case history, making observations and an in-depth evaluation an immediate prognosis is given, followed by a brief oral outline of what is needed for the family to achieve a successful resolution. This is backed up with a full written report, detailing the step-by-step instructions for a successful resolution.


The cost varies according to time/location, and an average of two hours is needed.


The fee includes the following:


  • The consultation, a detailed written report, and telephonic backup.

  • A successful outcome depends largely on owner cooperation, compliance & consistency.

  • Preparation of existing dog for the arrival of a new human baby.

  • Aggression towards people or pets.

  • Self-mutilation/self-harm behaviours.

  • Digging or destructive chewing.

  • Tail chasing.

  • Unwanted behaviour.

  • Dog training.

  • Ingesting inappropriate/dangerous objects.

  • New pet introductions.

  • Anxiety/neurosis.

  • Fighting or incompatibilities.

  • Escaping or gate bolting.

  • Inappropriate toilet habits.

  • Hypersexuality, leg/object mounting.

  • Fears or phobias.

  • Excessive predatory behaviours.

  • Spinning or shadow chasing.

  • Excitable behaviour/hyperactivity.

  • Jumping up.

  • General pet advice.

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