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Doggy Daycare & Hotel

Does your ‘Best Friend’ have too much time on their paws? Getting up to ‘No Good’ while you are busy at work?

We Have The Pawfect Solution

  • Our structured doggie daycare program is designed around the wellbeing of your dog. We offer a structured, strictly supervised day, including playtime, rest time, fun & games in our safe, secure, enclosed dog park, & various mental stimulation & exciting enrichment activities.

  • Conducted under direct supervision of a certified,  accredited animal behaviour consultant (ABC of SA/SABCAP/PPG).

  • Experienced, understanding staff (owner resides on the property).

  • Safe, rural environment in a boomed-off, secure area.

  • Secure rest camps with solid, weather-proof structures.

  • Rates for part-time (1 to 3 days a week) or full time (5 x days a week).

  • We do not mix dogs from different families, unless they have a pre-existing relationship. Safety first!

Come have a look at our exclusive, luxury boarding kennels!

  • Solid high, brick walls between each garden area, to eliminate fence chasing.

  • Face brick building with Harvey tiles, insulated roofing & ceilings to reduce noise, keep the heat in during cold spells, and keep cool during the hot summer.

  • In winter, our kennel suites are heated, & in the summer, sliding aluminium windows can be opened for added ventilation.

  • Each luxury suite has a stable door, tiled floor & veranda for added hygiene.

  • Grassed peaceful gardens, complete with paddling pools.

  • Regular kennel checks (including evening kennel checks).

  • The owner resides on the property.

  • Homemade, healthy, tasty treats given daily.

  • All dogs are exercised in our dog park daily, & mentally stimulated with games & various fun & exciting activities.

  • Each family’s dogs are housed individually – dogs from different households are not kennelled together.

  • Elderly & special care dogs are catered for.

  • Short & long stays facilitated.

Dog boarding kennels Benoni
Dog boarding kennels Benoni
Dog boarding kennels Benoni
Dog boarding kennels Benoni
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